Our doctors are busy, but you're our top priority. Give us a nudge if you haven't heard back in a while. If it's been more than 24 hours, we'll give you a full refund on your month and ensure that we still answer your question.

A subscribed user can avail up to 3 virtual consultations (audio/video call) in a month with unlimited messaging access. That's our superpower for providing quick, easy, white-glove care. If something needs to be escalated, our provider will give you additional instructions specifying how and where you can receive in-person care.

Just drop us a message on whatsapp, we will cancel your subscription right away or you can do it on your own from your website account. If you qualify for a refund, we will honor your refund based on your date of request. Refunds of payment will be pro-rated based on the days of Zeelab Health service delivered.

Zeelab Health aims to deliver a 30 minute response time to all patients.We are confident in our ability to deliver a response time in less than 24 hours and we continue to work to add coverage.

Yes. Our telehealth platform connects you to a fully experienced psychiatrist. Just like an in-person visit, with telehealth, the doctor is responsible for understanding your case, medical history, and determining the appropriate treatment. If the doctor is not able to help you through telehealth, they may advise that you visit a clinic or hospital in-person.

Click on the Book Now button to get started. You will then be prompted to select the type of consultation, who the appointment is for (you or someone else), and which provider you would like to speak with. Lastly, you will be prompted to sign-up or login to confirm your appointment.

For assistance required related to purchasing the medicines please visit https://zeelabpharmacy.com or call at 9896112555.

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who is trained to recognize and treat common psychiatric disorders using therapy and medication. A psychologist differs as they are not medical doctors but instead are a specialist in mental illnesses. They cannot prescribe medications and instead focus on treating patients using therapy sessions.

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